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ivanka thank you for joining us. >> thank you it was a pleasure. >> tucker: we toss it now to greta van susteren. >> greta: tonight protests explode over a new illegal immigration in arizona. -- immigration law in arizona. the new law signed by the governor requires police to question any suspected illegal immigrant. at a rally in arizona a democratic congressman slammed the new law. >> this state of ours arizona which we all loved has ended a very dark, shadowy period of its political existence. by signing the law, the governor basically codified into state law racial profiling, violation of civil rights, due process and constitutional violations. and so the reaction is going to be a reaction of opposition
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across the state. >> greta: the congressman said he wants president obama to fight the new law. arizona state senator pierce joins us live, he sponsored the controversial bill. what provoked or prompted to you sponsor this bill in the first place? >> rule of law, greta. the stories they tell, the outrageous fabrications and myths is unbelievable in in bill we've mirrored federal law. it is illegal to enter or remain in this country in violation of federal law. we've mirrored that. nobody has he raised 4th and 14th amendments we put profiling as an illegal issue in the bill. we could do tie it. we made sure people can't racial profile. these are the most outrageous stories. what we've done, very simply, i've watched over the years it get more and more violent. number two in the world in kidnappings, home invasion,
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carjacking, identity theft in the nation. officer atkins, officer martin, officer eagle, rob just murdered on the border. i just had a hearing for the ranchers on the border. half a day hearing on the senate. fences cut, cattle slaughtered, dogs killed, they are fearful, they pray for daylight they hear noises, scared to come out enough is enough. we are a nation of laws. all i've done, simple, removed the handcuffs. i've been in law enforcement most of my life. have two boys in law enforcement. i believe handcuffs are a great tool when they are on the right people. we are going to take them off law enforcement. they have policies that restrict law enforcement's ability to enforce these laws, they are illegal under federal law to have those policies. we are going to remove them in the stay of arizona, officers can ask and act like any other crime. >> greta: so that i understand how it is implemented. if someone commit as armed
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robbery and the police officer sees it, the police officer chases down the armed robbery makes the ans are. if someone is standing on a street corner waiting for a bus, does the police officer, under your law, have the authority to approach the person and say, are you a citizen or not? >> that's a great question. absolutely one of the myths to get thrown around. law enforcement has no more authority today if this law was effective today, than they had yesterday. it must be a lawful contact, we honor 4th and 14th amendments like i said. we've written into the bill you can't use race as an issue for pulling people over. you have to have a legitimate -- it says in the bill like any other law. they knew these would be the games played by the -- they are not worried about racial profiling. they are scared to death the laws are going to be enforced. it is illegal we are going to enforce the law.
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all we've done is take the handcuffs off. >> greta: if someone is doing something sinister like casing a joint, messing with a lock on a door a police officer can approach and ask reasonable questions. >> absolutely. >> greta: if the person is standing at the bus stop doing nothing wrong, even if the person might look like -- may look hispanic for instance, the police officer has no right just to sim play approach that person and begin the inquiry, is that the way the law works? >> greta, absolutely. illegal is not a race. it's a crime. there is -- we have civil rights provision the arizona constitution. we have civil rights provisions, u.s. constitution, we honor those. i'm a limited government guy. i would never, never pass any bill that constituted any
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abuse of anyone's civil rights. we are talking the handcuffs off of law enforcement allowing them to ask reasonable questions if they have reason to believe, like any other crime. it takes a lawful contact, reasonably and probable cause. we put guns on our police officers they make life and death decisions and they are my hometown heroes, by the way. yet, we are afraid because 95% of the time, -- we are afraid to let them pick up the phone and call ice this is the most outrageous thing in the world. the bill is carefully crafted. puts it into state law. we are making it clear by moving that federal statute over. >> greta: i hope you join us again. we are out of time this is a continuing controversy, as you mentioned. >> i would love to. greta, thank you, god bless you. >> greta: thank you sir. the immigration battle is not just in arizona.
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the town of farmers branch, texas in a fight in 2007 the town passed a law making it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal immigrants. since a judge has thrown out that ordinance saying only the federal government can enact immigration laws. the fight goes on. mayor tim o'hare joins us live, good evening. >> good evening, how how are you? >> greta: i'll well. it sounds like the statute got bounced the judge didn't say whether she agreed or disagreed with the concept of having illegal people in the united states. but rather the state doesn't have the i authority or the city, it is a federal government matter, is that a correct synopsis? >> yes in 2007 farmers branch residents voted on an ordinance similar to this one by 68-32% wanting us to go forward with an ordinance to address renting property to
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illegal aliens. this judge jane boyle, u.s. district court judge ruled that ordinance 2952, a more recent version was unconstitutional and our council voted last week to appeal that to the fifth circuit court of appeals. >> greta: what provoked or prompted to you pass this ordinance in the first place? was there an episode or incident? >> the first one that comes to mind we had a 2-year-old little girl killed in a drive-by shooting in 2006 and the two people now in jail for that crime were illegal aliens. we had residents coming forward asking us to do something about the problem. farmers branch is a beautiful place, suburb of dallas. but illegal immigration has taken its toll on our city from property value standpoints to school district to shopping areas. people in our town said we've had enough, please do something about it. >> greta: have you asked the
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federal government, i know neighboring states of arizona, senators mccain and senator kyle have asked for help from the federal government, most recently 3,000 national guard. have you asked for help from the government on this immigration issue? >> what we have done is we've joined the cap program, the criminal alien program. we've had a police officer trained under the 287-g program both are federal initiatives that invite states and local law enforcement folks to get involved in addressing the problem. we've been at that since about 2006. i can tell you that in 2006, 2007, 2008, anywhere from 14 to 20% of the people in our local jail in any given month were in the country illegally. through the efforts that we've made, that number today is now down to somewhere between 3 and 5% on a monthly basis. >> greta: so is the federal government helping?
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i guess you have arizona passing the statute and it almost seems like the states along the border are saying the feds aren't doing something so we are going to do something whether it is constitutional or not will be sorted out in the courts. almost like begging the federal government, do something about immigration, illegal immigration. >> get dark the reason that we're where we are today is because the federal government has failed to address the issue. part of the reason is they don't have the manpower. what you see in washington today, they don't have the political will to do it. people throughout the country, especially in texas, not just farmers branch, but throughout the state of texas, all along the border states, people are fed up with the problem and getting states and cities involved is what is going to make a difference. it is like any other federal crime. when you have crimes going on in your town in your state,
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it's a joint cooperative effort between federal authorities, state authorities and local authorities to keep us safe. that's what we are trying to do. >> greta: the statute the district court says you don't have the authority now it is being appealed to the 5th circuit. we will continue to follow that mayor, thank you. >> my pleasure, any time. >> greta: next, senate democrats get smacked down. what happened? republican senator demint one of the smackers guess on the record, next. former governor blagojevich goes on the record about his corruption trial. why is -- why does he want to put president obama on the witness stand. that and much more minutes that and much more minutes away. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ to finish what you started today.
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>> greta: ejected. republicans stood together blocking an effort to start a debate on financial reform. democratic senator nelson who cast the deciding vote on the senate health care bill voted
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with the republicans today. this is just the beginning of the battle. republican senator jim demint joins us live. good evening. >> good to be back. >> greta: i take it you don't like this financial regulatory bill considered today? >> all the republican want reform. i'm afraid this is more regulation than reform. another mastiff bill that doesn't keep the props on the label. we want to fix what causes financial mess. but the subprime problem is not addressed. fannie mae, freddie mac, federal reserve, things that we know contributed are not part of this bill. >> greta: what is the single biggest thing in the bill you don't like? >> consumer financial protection agency that doesn't protect consumers. it expands government control over community bank, credit unions -- >> greta: that's the one within the federal reserve? >> right. a new bureaucracy. it just costs billions and thousands of jobs. we need to fix what caused the
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problem not just expand regulation. >> greta: the thing that bothered me about that, i don't know what to extent we need an organization to do consumer protection i will concede there was a meltdown in 2008. i don't have the sense when we fix problems that anyone looks at the entire structure in the government and says we already have the authority, and see whether or not we could reform from within before we spend a ton of money. if we don't have the authority maybe we can expand authority of some existing part of our government. >> sec, treasury, federal -- all supposed to be protecting consumers now. they've not done their job. neither did congress with fannie mae and freddie mac. this mess was created by bad congressional oversight of fannie mae and freddie mac. we need solve the things that caused the problem. we don't need another excuse
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to expand government regulation. they make permanent this idea of a group of companies that are too big to fail. the promise was we were going to fix that >> greta: senator blanche lincoln, we spoked to her last week. she proposed transparency on the derivative market that seemed like a good idea you had a problem with that? >> her and saxby chambliss worked out a compromise until the president called and said no bipartisanship. >> grassley a republican voted with her to get it out of agricultural committee. >> she and senator chambliss had announced a compromise and that whole thing was axed by the white house and she put out another bill which went through committee with almost no bipartisan support. >> greta: with senator grassley? it came out with senator grassley >> i'm on the banking committee for months we've been working with the democrats. i've never soon a situation
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where republicans and democrats seem to want a bill that did something good. but every time chris dodd went to the white house he came back and essentially stiff armed us away from working to the and threw his own bill out without a lot of things we discussed. we know how to get agreement on this, so does senator dodd. the white house thinks they can ram another big bill down our throat by demagoguing to the american people we are for wall street when he knows wall street gives 5-1 to democrats -- >> greta: you are both guilty on that one. no one is particularly clean on that of course there is nothing wrong with people giving legal contributions. the transparency. you don't have a objection to the last bill that came up? >> they twisted it around. i'm going back to senator saxby chambliss and get his take on it. i think they a good bill.
1:17 am
obviously we need more transparency with derivatives. we don't need regulate them way a lot of companies use derivatives to hedge risk in the future. >> greta: that's different regulate way like shedding a light on so people know what they are getting so it is not some luck of the draw so you understand what are getting. >> they are reaching down and affecting thousands of companies that do their own financing, their own and regulating them and they had nothing to do with the problems. companies like caterpillar that finances a lot of its own products. they are telling me this is really going to hurt the way they do business globally. >> greta: we'll have a lot of discussion on this one. thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, possible political bombshell for president obama. news tonight and senator rick senator rum is next. elizabeth hasselbeck just got a stunning call on her
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>> greta: get ready, it is just around the corner. midterm electrics are doesn'ting upon us quickly. president obama is trying to get the jump on them. rallying his base trying to prevent a democratic thumping taking on the republicans via youtube. check out this video leased by the democratic national committee. >> this year the stakes are higher than ever. it will be up to each of to you make sure that the young people, african-americans, latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008, stand together once again.
1:22 am
>> greta: we have just learned that democrat running for president obama's former u.s. senate seat alexi gwynn gwynn says he will campaign with -- alexi tkpwapb tkpwapb says he will campaign with the president on wednesday. what do you think of the president using youtube to get his message up? >> i think it is great. please been a great innovator using technology better than anybody else, one of the reasons he's president now because he's pushed all the right buttons when it comes to communicating with people the message on the other hand is very disturbing. >> greta: why? >> can you imagine george w. bush saying i want to get all the white males to come out and we need to rally them because they are the ones that pushed -- he would have been hammered and rightfully so. i think the president should be hammered for doing what he has done throughout his
1:23 am
presidency which divide. certain groups of people we want, favor and cater to we are going to ask you to support what we are doing. i that i is not what he campaigned on. this was no blue state, no red states, no purple states, no special interests, all going to be together. and he's not doing that on washington and not with his messages to the american people. >> greta: people have been doing the whole immigration for years we had debate on immigration reform secure our borders or not, illegal immigrants or not that whole voting bloc which is an enormous bloc, the hispanic bloc, even senator mccain he was in favor of a path to citizenship at one time and didn't get the vote,> i don't argue people have been playing the dividing and conquer game in politics. but he campaigned he was not
1:24 am
going to do that he campaigned to being this transformational figure. he hasn't lived up to what said he was going to be. if there's one major criticism of the president that i think hopefully, everyone would agree to, he hasn't delivered what he promised. i think it is bad form for the president of the united states to single out specific groups of people and say you are the you ones i'm talking to. you are the ones we need your support. again, if a republican had done that on the other side they would have been creamed. >> greta: his senate seat the democratic candidate has some problems the bank of the family. >> the bank he was an executive of for many years, i think five years it failed going to cost the tax pairs 400 million dollars. there's all -- tax payers 400 million dollars. there's all sorts of scandal surrounding the failure. he's in big trouble there's a
1:25 am
lot of debate within the white house whether they were going to run to his aid or cut him loose. durbin tried to get someone else in the race. the attorney general, tried to see if they can do what they did to bob torricelli. i think they going to jen jen -- to give ginobili. >> greta: this economic environment, if he has his fingerprints on it. >> no question he and his family have his fingerprints on it. obama has been dealing with these folks for a long time. >> greta: we to go, senator, thank you. inside story from the former governor. we ask him why does he want to we ask him why does he want to put president obama onononononon [ male announcer ] we call it the american renewal. because ge capital understands what businesses need to grow. that's why today ge capital provides critical financing to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪
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. >> greta: you are going to chicago to the private home of former governor rod blagojevich. in the early morning of
1:29 am
december 9th, 2008 the fbi barged in and he was arrested. he's accused of trying to sell then senator ma's open senate seat to the highest -- senator obama's open senate seat to the highest bidder. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: you have this trial coming up june 3rd, a lot of pretrial matters have come to light recently. first, the tapes. the prosecutor has wiretapped you, has tapes of you and there's a disyou over what is going to be played in court. what is the distribute? >> they taped my conversations for six weeks. our government came in the wire tapes in these telephones and a lot of other telephones. i've taken the position from the beginning that i'm innocent of anything and everything they are false lay caution me of and a lot of the truth can be found in those tapes. from the beginning i said play all the tapes. my lawyers were instructed by
1:30 am
know challenge the government. we waived the opportunity to challenge the tapes, happily and challenged the government to say allow both sides to play any tape they want. they should play any tape they want and let us play any tape we want. the government declined to comment. they snuck into court to get the judge to rule all the tapes should not be played. this case in so many ways is upside down. mr. fitz jarrell the prosecutor invades the sanctity of my home. those are his tapes he's going to court to suppress his own tapes. i'm the one saying play them all. because i note the truth is on those tapes and will showy did nothing wrong. >> greta: you say he snuck into court you had no notice the prosecutor was going into court and say we only want to play these tapes? >> way it was buried in the body of a motion filled with other things was an incipient request to suggest that not
1:31 am
all the tapes be her. they even misled and said the judge ruled that all the tapes wouldn't be played which was not the case at the time they filed the motion. >> greta: has your lawyer heard all these tapes? >> we had tapes for months. >> greta: you have copies? >> yes. i've been consistent from the beginning. from the moment i was false lay accused, i said long before, we had access to the tapes, play all the tapes. i know, who i am and i would not do the things they are suggesting that i did. and i know that not withstanding, some language on the tapes the use of pro fan which i have apologized for. i didn't know -- the use of profanity which i have apologized for. >> greta: it is not a crime. any idea how many hours of tapes the prosecution intends to play at your june 3rd trial? >> i don't know. what i do know is they have in
1:32 am
a very dishonest way taken selective snippets of conversation out of context purposely misleading the people and providing false information. >> greta: they've identified what tapes they are going to play? you know what they are going to play? >> they've quoted some of them. they've leased a couple. and they've done it in a way where snippets of conversations were taken out of context. if you are allowed to listen to the ref of the conversation, i can't comment on what is on the tapes. the government that taped me went into court to say i can't what is on them nor can i allow to you take a look at them. >> greta: a gag order ton this part of it, the contents of the tape? >> correct. the government sought that gag order. they've been free to take snippets of conversation out when they news designed to mislead the public. >> greta: hasn't the judge said okay governor blagojevich you identify what tapes you
1:33 am
want heard and i'll consider it so it is not a complete bar? >> correct. the judge seems to be a fair and thoughtful man. he's obviously very smart, intelligent man who understands and knows the law. he has said two things. he said one publicly, if i testify that he wail will you us to play the tapes we want to play. >> greta: just if you testify, not for a doctrine of complete hypothetically, a tape is put on that has half a thought and it is your position that half of thought falsely convoys a message. are you allowed to play the entire thought without having to take the witness stand? >> i don't know that yet. the judge has said that if i testify, which will, by the way, he will allow us to play the tapes that we ask for. this is as i've been told by my attorneys. the judge said in the last court day i was there because i challenged the prosecutor to be there to explain why he's
1:34 am
preventing all the tapes from being heard? the judge said that -- instructed my lawyers to submit to him the different tapes that we would be requesting to be heard in court. so, i'm cautiously optimistic and hopeful he will say yes. >> greta: what is the prosecution's opposition? do they think you are going to waste a lot of time and play 400 conversations for the -- and bore the jury to death or do they have a sinister purpose to evade, confuse or do something with the jury? >> i believe the prosecution is trying to cover-up their miss deeds. >> greta: which disdeeds -- which miss deeds? >> they arrested a sitting governor and false lay accused him of things he didn't do. in 2008 in is what mr. fitzgerald did he used and quoted from the tapes from snippets of the tapes to
1:35 am
suggest that was the basis for arresting a governor in a state like illinois, unprecedented. and he did it, he said and i'm quoting, that he was doing to stop a crime spree. the reality is when people hear the whole truth and hear what was on those conversations the days and weeks leading up to those acts by the government, by the prosecutors there was no crime spree, he lied. >> greta: why just for the sake of lying or something more sinister? not that lying isn't sinister. >> i believe the effort to prevent all the tapes being played is designed to keep justice from being heard in court as it is to cover up their wrongdoing and miss deeds. to suggest you should -- to arrest a sitting governor to state in a press conference where the whole world is listening that you have a governor trying to sell a senate seat for money which the allegation he made at the press conversation that he had heard conversations in my home where my little girls are
1:36 am
sleeping invade the privacy of my home to say they had to stop the crime spree it is a flat out lie. the tapes will truth is. i have said from the beginning play all the tapes. why is my accuser is trying to prevent the full truth from being heard? i believe part of it is because he's covering up the fact that he told this big lie that foreseeably lead to a chain of events that would remove a governor from office that would undo the will of a people, undo an election and he doesn't ever want anybody to know that's what he did. there's a smoking gun on these tapes that smoking gun is directed and pointed at the prosecutor. >> greta: next the question we want answered why does former governor blagojevich want to call president obama to the witness stand? then elisabeth hasselbeck gets a call on her cell phone from
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. there is late word from the white house that president obama will make a pitch for finance regulatory reform in illinois on wednesday. he will travel to convince tow deliver a speech, calling for greater control of wall street. his trip coincides with democrat ic desire for sweeping
1:41 am
changes. a race against time as crews attempt to stop a massive oil leak from reaching the louisiana shore. the spill is from a sunken oil rig that exploded last week, killing 11 workers. it's gushing 42,000 gallons of crude into the gulf of mexico, daily. the oil could reach land in three days. crews are using robot submarines to activate valves that might stop these leaks. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to greta. ur website, >> greta: continuing with former governor rod blagojevich. why does governor blagojevich want to put president obama on the witness stand? we went to chicago to find out. you are accused of selling the senate seat vacated by president obama. everyone that you ever had a conversation with about that senate seat, is there any way you could have spoken to someone and not have it
1:42 am
tapped. did you have a conversation in the car -- >> a conversation with dick durbin. >> greta: where? >> in my office in chicago. >> >> greta: was your office bugged? >> they say it wasn't. we spoke about the senate seat he offered to be a go between. i decided was my first choice i was going to try to appoint the daughter of my political nemesis the house speaker was blocking a public works bill that would create 500,000 jobs he was pwhroubging. work -- he was blocking. i wanted a guarantee in writing to not raise taxes on people. >> greta: they say they didn't bug your office. >> the office downtown chicago that conversation with senator durbin my recollection was there. spoke to senator harry reid -- >> greta: on the phone? >> from my campaign office. i spoke to harry reid about the senate seat enlisting his
1:43 am
help. senator menendez head of the senate campaign committee for the democrats who expressed an interest -- >> greta: on the phone? >> on the telephone, working out what was going to be what i called the best political deal in the political history second to the louisiana purchase because i was going to hold my nose and appoint someone who i thought was against the people in many ways not withstanding her father was creating gridlock. >> greta: who else did you talk to? >> i spoke to rahm emanuel. i spoke to several people. get growth who is sort of the main players in this discussion of the senate seat? who did you talk to -- i'm trying to figure out who is going to be on tape and who is not. >> i can't tell you that >> greta: who do you remember talking to? >> senator harry reid, senator menendez, then congressman rahm emanuel days after the
1:44 am
election right here from this room. several other people about potential scenarios on the senate seat. >> greta: a lot of the conversations about the senate seat maybe some that aren't on tape but a lot are or should be because they are done by telephone? >> most of the conversations i was engaged in during that six week period had been tape recorded. >> greta: you mentioned president obama. you have filed notice to the court that would you like to subpoena him. and you have enumerated a number of reasons. what is it that you think senator obama -- president obama, then senate obama, could offer you at trial on june 3rd that would be helpful to your case? >> i think president obama can help prove my innocence. >> greta: how? >> before anybody says i'm interested in bringing everybody down with me. that's not the case, i've done nothing wrong.
1:45 am
what i'm interested in is for the truth to come out neither did i do anything wrong, president obama didn't do anything wrong. the senators that i talked to didn't do anything wrong either. they should come into court and tell the truth as they know it. swear on the holy bible as i'm looking forward to do -- >> greta: i got that the judge is going to say how is president obama going to help your case? tell me how. >> again, a lot of evidence and information that i'm prohibited by court order, because it is under seal to tell you. so there's relevance connected to that >> greta: in the pleading your lawyers talked about a conversation in december '08, a conversation president obama called you? >> again, i can't -- because of the court order and me filing the -- following the law i can't comment specifically on those telephone conversations. my lawyers filed motions in court. they redacted, as far as i understand they redacted the
1:46 am
substance of those there. was a computer glitch apparently that made some of this stuff unwittingly public -- the media found it. so, -- >> greta: you see that still as part of the seal? >> it is still part of seal. get what is the bredth of the gag order what can you or can't talk about? >> i can't talk about the evidence that we have and we know that is currently under seal which is as far as i know everything. i can tell you independently what i recollect. >> greta: can you tell me independently what recollect about the conversation you had with president obama in december of '08? >> again, i don't think i can. i don't think i should in that particular case. president obama and i, i can recall independently, spoke at the governor's event at independence hall in philadelphia, days before i was arrested. >> greta: in person? >> in person. and a lot of other governors. >> greta: was it about the
1:47 am
senate seat, generally? >> i don't think i should say what we talked about. it will call -- >> greta: if it is not about the senate seat i have a hard time figuring out why he would be a witness that the court is going to allow you to call. the court ought to let you play any tapes that in any way ex-pull -- ex-pull -- exculpate you. the one thing the court won't do, let you call someone who doesn't have anything to benefit you. >> again, there's information and there's evidence that is under seal. i'm prohibited by a court order from specifically talking about those things -- >> greta: even from what you recollect? >> i feel like if i start going into substance of conversations it is a slippery slope and i might inadvertently cross the line. >> greta: what is the line? what does the gag order say you can and can't do?
1:48 am
>> again, the evidence that we have access to that we had the chance to review, the taped conversations. >> greta: that's out. >> the fbi interviews. the statements of potential witnesses, all those things are not something that would be appropriate for know comment on. let me also say in the case of president obama and me, again let me be very clear, i know absolutely no wrongdoing that the president was involved in. and i know i was involved in no wrongdoing. but there is a common political support of ours named tony rezko who is relevant to both me and press obama. again he wrote a letter to a federal sentencing judge -- >> greta: is rezko helpful to you at your june 3rd, trial? >> i can't comment about the specifics of the case. >> greta: is he on your witness list? >> i'll leave that for the lawyers to discuss.
1:49 am
>> greta: the president is not going to appear on some wiretap? >> i'm telling you from my reelection i don't recall talking to president obama during that period on the telephone. >> greta: there's much more of our interview check out more of the interview on gretawire we are going to post it tomorrow. next president bush made huge [ bride ] the wedding was just days away. but my smile just wasn't white enough. now what? [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white pressional effects whitestrips. it's professional-level whitening. start seeing results in 3 days new crest 3d white professiona. that's a low price! i'm sorry. did you say something about a low price? wow! that's a low price! i know! [ male announcer ] staples. that was easy.
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that the cubs for example. >> greta: if you wonder what president bush 43 has been doing in texas you with will soon find out that is the cover of his upcoming book. the release date has just been announced november 9th. -- november -- the publisher says the book will offer gripping never before heard detail about 9/11, 2000 presidential election and president bush's decision to quit drinking. why is this woman walking on the wing of a plane? because it is her job. ashley battles a professional
1:54 am
wing walker. she has is one of six in the country. this video is ashley performing her daredevil act in tulsa, oklahoma. she has a degree in aviation and also a pilot. she says she got bored with flying planes and likes to ride on top instead. we are guessing the wing-walking won't get boring. there you have the west of the -- the best of the rest. elisabeth hasselbeck gets the surprise of her life from vice p p p p p p
1:55 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. when you co-host "the view" you never know who might call your cell phone. >> vice president joe biden was on the view thursday. but that is not the last time you heard from him. is it, elizabeth? >> no. it's not. i got, it's fun yeechl i got a text from our assistant and said, hey, the vice president wants to call you. i'm like, funny. she's like really he needs your cell phone number. i think she's kidding and all of a sudden i'm with the kids kayla, get back here, ring, ring. hey this, is joe biden. i'm like hey, joe. and then... i'm like, g i realized it's really him. he just wanted to know how i
1:59 am
was doing and what i thought of health care. and we talked. we talked about a lot of things, football. and marriage. >> and keep your friends close and enany mis closer? >> i don't know. >> that must have been

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